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Oil & gas


We participated in different projects ranging from small projects like CNC assembly line In Nasser Company With Cooperation of Swiss Orlicone Company, water tanks Project, and production of hydraulic and pneumatic seals with Delta rim composites Inc. with cooperation of Chesterton company to huge production lines with the participation of many companies like Production of extrusion  aluminum profile, and black carbon project.










Participated in different projects in the manufacturing environment: 


  • The ball valve production projects for nuclear energy - Customer:   hydro Quebec.
  •  Rotational moulding system to produced HDPE pipe and tank for use in different
    distribution lines/PM-Almawada Houlding Co. - Customer : Different company. 
  • Speed Seal Projects (hydraulic, Pneumatic sealing)/PM – Chesterton Co. & Delta Rim Inc. –
    Customer: All of Canada. 
  • Flour mill construction project - SSP (Steel Structure Plant)_ Nasser Co.- Customer: Ministry of
  •  Black carbon production projects –SSP-Nasser Co. - Customer:  Ministry of oil and gas.
  • Sprinkler Irrigation Systems – CTRP (Central Tool Room Plant) –Nasser Co. – Customer:  Ministry
    of agriculture.
  • Piston aluminum injection line Project (Reverse Engineering) – CTRP & SSP –Nasser Co. - Customer:
    Ministry of Industry and Minerals.