Project Manager

 We will concentrate here on the water tanks production lines as we own the full authority.

Always continue to develop a new technology to achieve our goal to produce a fall automatic rotational molding project, with our expertise in sheet metal fabrication which is an essential part in the fabrication of the molds for this project.

 Finally with collaboration with Dr. Chevy Zezhong Chen from Concordia university in Canada we build our new model with parametric and feature based design we succeed to Design a rotational molding machine type rack and roll with the following advance feature:

  • Adjustable rock angle.
  • Adjustable length of the mold area.

Our machine is able to produce a variety of product ranging from a small 100 liter water tank to large kayaks.
With the power of motion simulation of the mechanism we become more confident that we do it in the enhance way, plus its open the way to achieve the new surface technology with the power of NURBS surfaces , so finally we produce an attractive product which is suit the rotational moulding technology and the advance surface technology.


  • Adjustable rock angle.
  • A full turn-key operation( manual and automatic )
  • Ready to plug straight into your electrical supply.
  • Machine type: rock and roll.
  • Max rock angle: 45 degrees both directions.
  • Heat source: propane gas.
  • Heat medium: burner.
  • Electrical supply: 3 phase + neutral. 380 volts, 50 HZ, 10 ampere.
  • Operational area: 7 x 5 meters.
  • Building internal height: 4 meters.